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Ben Fiess, young ceramicist

His eye for color please…

I’ve been seeing these beautiful vessels here and there over the web a lot, but since I’m becoming a victim of 3-second attention span (yes, I guess I’m becoming Pinterestaholic) I never checked who is the artist behind them…until this morning…and what a beautiful surprise: Ben Fiess , young ceramicist, living in rural Minnesota tending a farm; growing plants, keepings goats out of trouble, raising barns, and eating great food,  also  developing and sharing an online glaze and clay body database (thank you so much Ben, I hope to try all the recipes one day).
So stunning, so inspiring, so beautiful Check them out !

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Den fineste web side hvor alverdens Ilustratorer lægger diversse opskrifter m fin grafik  op… bon appetit til øje og gane

Inspirerende opskrifter af Illustratorer

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