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Mathieu Tremblin “Tag Clouds”


French artist Mathieu Tremblin is responsible for several clever interventions in urban spaces throughout Europe. His project “Tag Clouds” involves replacing unruly graffiti tags with legible translations, similar to the clouds of keywords you see online. More images below.


Mathieu Tremblins website


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Tape Installation By Zilvinas Kempinas


Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas creates hypnotic installations using VHS tapes. In the work ‘Tube’, he made an 80-foot-long installation by stretching out black magnetic tape from VHS cassettes into an enclosed walkway. Kempinas first created the piece for the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009, where he represented Lithuania. Based in New York, the artist often works with unspooled videotape and fans for his immersive and mesmerizing installations.




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Multifaceted: Photos by Ahn Sun Mi

Surreal self-portraits by Korean photographer Ahn Sun Mi exploring altered states of consciousness. Sun Mi sees her work as a space for transition where time stands still—a space between childhood and adulthood, dream and reality. With the goal of establishing a career in fashion photography, she moved to France and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her time in France became a turning point after experiencing isolation in a new country and she turned to photography to investigate her identity and the distance between her inner self and appearance.


I wanted to understand myself, but at the same time I didn’t want to escape reality. I felt like a child inside but who acted like a grown up.

On view at Catherine Ahnell Gallery May 14 – June 14.


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