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Picame issue 14 DIGITAL MAGASIN

issue #14 January 2011
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Moloko Issue #10

Issue #10

Moloko+ Magazine is an independent online project concerning the genre variety of  contemporary visual art.

The authors’ goal is to share their vision of the world around with the wide audience – publishing the works of modern illustrators and photographers from all over the  world.

The way to share their emotions and inspiration is about searching and promoting the works that contain deep feelings and passion and mix different styles and techniques.

Moloko+ Magazine has been issued in Russian and English since April 2007. You can see the current issue on and here as pdf


Graphic artists:

Billy Hayes, Carlos Alvarez Cabrero, David Kassan, Jorge Chamorro, Melissa Murillo, Ric Stultz, Shannon Rankin, Indjila Samad Ali, Tom Kitchen, Yuji Yamada


Ben Alper, Dido Fontana, Evgeniy Sunik, Frederike Wetzels, Ian J. Whitmore, Leninbäk, Valerie Phillips, Winkler+Noah, Stanislav Markov


Easy Hey, Tixinda

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Digital Temple : The X ISSUE


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