Yoko Furusho: Live in Barcelona

There is no doubt that window displays are the most important component in any store. They not only form the brand’s image and grab customers’ attention but they have recently become the perfect medium through which a brand can tell a story to the public both quickly and efficiently. Art and design have always been linked with creative window display and have played a major role in creating opportunities with which to redefine a marketing campaign. This week,I presents a remarkable example, which represents the art of window display.

Ikiru, a traditional Japanese store in the heart of Barcelona, decided to dynamically engage the public by inviting Yoko Furusho, a New York based illustrator from Tokyo to show her work in store. Furusho, offered to come and do a live painting thereby marking her first exhibition in Spain. In the space of a few days, the shop’s window display was transformed into a colorful and imaginative painting, which represents the mesmerizing illustrative world of FurushoWhat Women Make followed her progress.  Shot by Peter Crosby, this short film follows the artist’s one-off, sight specific drawing which altered the store’s window display and filled it with Sweet Dreams. Furosho’s influences are manifested in her live painting where the dream-like nature makes customers’ minds travel, transmitting a strong artistic statement. The drawing will be on display until the 15th of September.

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