V.O.W N°42 // ModeBelofte 2011 video by Bart Hess

Yona van Mansfeld // Elusive Clashing
FIA Arnhem, Fashion Masters
video screen shot

V.O.W N°42  (24 – 30 October 2011)

For the fifth year in a row, Modebelofte 2011 is showcasing the future of fashion’s talents. When I first receivedBart Hess‘ latest video for Modebelofte 2011, I was speechless and in total awe of the slow fluidity and biomorphic approach to presenting this year’s most promising Dutch fashion graduates. In this video, Hess has created soft-focused, blurred human forms that serve to illuminate and unify the designs of these up and coming fashion designers. The futuristic and yet tranquil movements combined with the cutting-edge fashion design is nothing short of completely captivating.

Radiohead – Bloom  (Jamie xx Rework)

At 27, Bart Hess has worked with prestigious names such as  Lady GagaIris van HerpenLucy McRaeVogue,Palais de Tokyo and Philips Design. His personal and recognizable style mixes a sculptural approach to form with a precise photographic exploration of emotional constraint. Either using humour or pure spectacle, Hess has the ability to portray fragile beauty and transformation, as well as the elasticity of life with a unique voice.  His approach to the visual narrative is an aesthetic exploration that we find utterly compelling.

For Modebelofte 2011, fashion consultant Carlo Wijnands visited the graduation fashion shows at the Dutch academies of arts and selected the talents.  Bart Hess created a unique video to showcase these graduate designers’ work that will be shown in a setting designed by Maarten Jacquot from October 22 to November 20, 2011 at De Krabbedans in Eindhoven (Clausplein 10, De Witte Dame, 5611 XP Eindhoven, The Netherlands).  For those who want to experience fashion’s latest statement, Modebelofte 2011 is a must see.

The Designers included for Modebelofte 2011: 
Laura de Wit // Yona van Mansfeld // Amos Tranque // Esther Boskaljon  // Natalie de Koning  // Anne Kathrin Bannier // Nicolaas Hein // Latte Mostert // Mattia Akkermans // Nanda van den Hoek //ZhengZheng Li // Linda de Jong

Anne Kathrin Bannier // Danse Macabre
ABKM Maastricht
video screen shot


De KrabbedansBart Hess

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