olafur eliasson: your body of work


‘microscope to sao paulo’, 2011 (detail)

The first south american presentation of his artistic practice, our danish artist olafur eliasson‘s ‘your body of work’ offers its viewers
experiences revolving around color perception and spatial orientation. in total, ten works located in three different areas of sao paulo, brazil
(pinacoteca do estado, SESC belenzhinho and SESC pompeii) are on show as part of the 17th international festival of contemporary art SESC_ videobrasil.

Eliasson is known for embodying the laws of physics, neurology and opitical illusions, inviting individuals to acquaint themselves with
natural phenomena such as fog, light, color and reflections. on this occasion, within the pinacoteca do estanda, eliasson has developed
four major artistic installations: ‘microscope to sao paulo’; ‘take your time’; sphere of slow light’; and ‘your shared planet’.
the works are on show until january 29th, 2012.

‘microscope to sao paulo’, 2011

‘microscope to sao paulo’ is a kaleidoscope of mirrors formed by four giant reclining sides, which fulfill the inner courtyard of the pinacoteca.
mirrors open up toward the ceiling glass, absorbing all the light from outside, creating a kaleidoscopic effect with the structure of the roof.
when visitors walk along the runway which intersects the installation and crosses the courtyard, they are given a complete view
of the mirrored reflections.

‘microscope to sao paulo’, 2011

‘microscope to sao paulo’, 2011 from the walkway which intersects it

‘take your time’, 2008

‘take your time’ sits within the octagon, the pinacoteca’s central space. a tilted mirror hanging from the ceiling
in the center rotates around its own axis reflecting everything that is in the space.

‘take your time’, 2008

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