evan roth: 3D graffiti sculptures



american artist and researcher evan roth has created a series of physical sculptures from
motion-tracked graffiti data. as co-founder of the free art and technology lab (F.A.T. lab)
and the graffiti research lab (G.R.L.) in brooklyn, roth is not new to integrating the two
channels of technology and art together. for ‘graffiti analysis: sculptures’, a new software
called ‘GA 3D’ was used with an earlier project, ‘graffiti analysis‘, to capture the unseen
motion involved in tagging. in collaboration with an anonymous viennese graffiti writer,
motion data was collected in the streets and converted into workable 3D files. the models
were then made physical through the use of a 3D printer in ABS thermoplastic. the forms
are stretched by time in the z-dimension with pen speed expressed through the varying
thickness of the sculpture. all the information and software used in the project are open source
and available for download online.

‘graffiti analysis: sculptures’ will be on view at the cortex gallery in bordeaux, france
on july 8th for the interactive design festival, les grandes traversées.


modified marker used for recording

a tag’s motion data captured


GA 3D files are compatible with most 3D softwares including 3D max, maya, and blender

the sculptures are made with a 3D printer


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