Non-Sign II, Lead Pencil Studio

Approaching the US/Canadian border from either country, you’re faced with countless billboards advertising products, Duty Free and promoting the nation with images of flags and national pride. As they give way to directional signage and customs related notices, you’ll now find a surreal examination of advertising, architecture and the environment, a negative billboard that frames nothing other than nature. Sitting between Blaine, Washington and the highway to Vancouver, Non-Sign II – created by Seattle based Lead Pencil Studio and commissioned by the US Government’s ‘Excellence in Design’ program – is a beautiful, thought-provoking installation that took 9 months to construct in their Seattle studio, with small sections being trucked to the site and stitched together over a 2 week period. Challenging, innovative and more engaging than any traditional advertising could be, Lead Pencil’s invisible billboard makes for possibly the most inspiring border crossing you’ll experience…

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